First son of Shayen Ehsrouh.

Varied spellings per region of habitation:Edit

  • Roggure
  • Rogure
  • Roxure
  • Roxxure
  • Roshyir
  • Rojur
  • Rojir
  • Roger
  • Roshure

The reason for varied spellings and slight shifts in pronunciation is not fully understood, but it is suggested that he enjoys being widely known in rumors and stories to scare children. He has even written a few horrifying tales of his misdeeds and submitted them annonymously to towns and villages under the falsehood of being a traveler with first-hand accounts of tales from afar.

He seeks no money or fame, and often vanishes the moment anyone accepts the story as fact, leaving his tale to germinate and grow into boogyman-like tale that often lasts years.

"Rog" is by no means a writer, or tactful, so his blunt and simplified stories are often assumed to be true accounts from everyday people.

Physical Description:Edit

  • 9 feet tall.
  • Dark silvered skin.
  • Medium length, glossy but stiff, crimson to burgundy hair.
  • Body hair from his center chest trailing down to his crotch.
  • Fringe hair at his elbows, forearms, back of thighs, ankles and tail.
  • Tail is knee length, slender and purely expressive.
  • Feet are narrow cloven hooves, unworn tips that curve outward after inward.
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